The big sporting event in Cape town is now over… We had the chance to participate with a team of the cap sportive (25 persons) super in form. For some, it was the first time and for others, it is usual…

Before you start reading this, you should know that we were able to sell 22 bibs. These places allow us to create Charity projects. For example, helping Langa’s rugby club, the Busy Bees. With the help of the cycle tour, we were able to raise ……… So thank you to everyone who picked up a bib through our ticketing service.


If after reading this you would like to participate in the 2022 Cycle Tour and be part of the adventure with Cap Sportif, click here to let us know that you want to participate.

This year was the 43rd edition of this famous race. What is so special about it?


The Cape Town Cycle Tour is simply the most important timed race in the world. Indeed, with nearly 35,000 participants, it far exceeds theEtape du Tour, theGranfondo Roma, or theTD Five Boro at New York.


Some statistics:

  • 1st edition in 1978
  • Only 1 edition cancelled, in 2017 (too strong winds)
  • Distance : 109 KM
  • D+ : 1200 m
  • More than 30 nationalities represented


And the important point is that it is the only occasion of the year to have the roads only for us with a course passing by all the most beautiful roads of Cape Town.


With the Covid-19, this year was a bit special, because the number of participants was limited, we were 18000 instead of 36000. But finally sometimes it could be beneficial to be less numerous. The fact that it was moved to October instead of March.

On the other hand the atmosphere did not change, always encouragements all along the road with music, disguises… The locals and the tourists, everyone mixes. No matter if you put 3H or 6H there will always be people for you.

The city to vibrate cycle all day.

This race is not only an amateur race.

There is really everything because there is also a pro category which this year has well gassed. Because the weather was there with an extraordinary weather and without too much wind.


Elite men :

1 Nolan Hoffman (ENZA) 02:37:12

2 Christian Janse van Rensburg, s.t.

3 Craig Boyes, s.t.

4 Louis Visser, s.t.

5 Jaco Venter, s.t.

Elite Women :

1 Kim Le Court de Billot, 02:13:17

2 Hayley Preen, s.t.

3 Candice Lill, s.t.

4 Kelsey van Schoor, s.t.

5 S’annara Grove, s.t.

Le parcours fait vraiment la renommer de cette course mytique. Elle fait le tour de la péninsule du Cap , autour de Table Mountain , à travers les falaises brumeuses de Scarborough et devant les douze apôtres de renommée mondiale.


The departure is from the Grand Parade square in the city center. It was in this square that Nelson Mandela made his famous speech upon his release after 27 years in prison.

The starting process of the CTCT is very well broken in with airlocks of 500 to 1000 runners that are released successively.


Immediately after the start, the peloton takes the N1 highway also called Nelson Mandela Boulevard.

The slope is relatively steep and it is a succession of ascents and descents before reaching Claremont, where a fast part without too much difference in height allows to recover.


Then we arrive at the seaside between Muizenberg (km 26) and Simon’s Town (km 28), it is a part that is really pleasant to ride, especially without wind.


After Boulder Beach and its famous penguin colony, the road rises above the ocean to reach the Smitswinkel coast (1.6km at 5%). As the route passes close to Table Mountain National Park, it is not uncommon to come across some baboons in the middle of the road.


After Scarborough (a very fast descent at km 61), the road follows the Atlantic Ocean passing by Misty Cliffs and Wittsand… the landscape is absolutely sublime with colors that go from the turquoise blue of the ocean, to the ochre red of the cliffs, passing by the mother-of-pearl white of the sand, with waves that are just perfect (especially for surf)


At km 77, the gradient increases again with the very famous Chapman’s Peak Drive climb (4.5km at 3% average). Meandering between the cliffs and the ocean, this portion of the course is truly mythical, but be careful to save some juice for the last climb at the level of Hout Bay of Suikerbossie which stings the thighs (1,9km at 7%). It is in this hill that the atmosphere is the most crazy, with hundreds of spectators. !


After this last climb, it’s a treat, it’s either downhill or flat which allows you to accelerate if you still have some energy left during 15 kilometers.


The finish line, worthy of a professional race, is located near the Stadium (km 109).

The Cycle Tour is not just a race. With Cap Sportif we had a before and after. Because we had trainings with the team to be prepared day D, and the evening we found to make a restaurant all together to celebrate the performances of each. After the effort the comfort.



For cycling enthusiasts, this is a race to do at least once in your life, to discover the unique atmosphere and the beauty of the course.

It is really a race where we take pleasure and we have the impression to be on the Tour de France so to summarize, no negative point.

If you want to participate in the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2022, contact us!



Jean-baptiste : 2:54:29

Thomas : 2:59:18

Ross : 3:08:22

Simon : 3:42:00

Julien L : 3:42:09

Jean-Michel : 3:46:48

Olivier : 3:51:14

Julien : 4:03:10

Dustin : 4:10:56

Hugues : 4:15

Zayd : 4:18:04

Jacques et Virginie : 4:46:53

Charles : 4:49:45

Florian : 4:54

Bruno : 5:05:01

Waynne : 5:32:44

Alexandre : 5:56:15

Jenn : 6:17:28

Mathilde : 6:28:05

John :

Lynette :

Stephanski :