The Cap Sportif Sport & Charity

Cap Sportif is an informal organisation whose aim is to animate the French-speaking community of sports enthusiasts in and around Cape Town.

Our mission

Cap Sportif is open to all ! Experienced or aspiring sportsmen and women, native French speakers or English speakers sympathetic to French speakers, Cape Town residents or just passing through.

Our mission is organised around three major axes.

Animating the community around sport

Animating the community around sport

The sport that you watch

Every opportunity is good to have a good time with sport. A good match? A competition? Even the visit of Mr Hulot is an opportunity for Cap Sportif to talk about sport!

Promoting and facilitating the practice of sport

Promoting and facilitating the practice of sport

The sport that is played

Led by sportsmen and women, the association federates around events such as the Cycle Tour or monthly activities accessible to all.

Supporting local community sports projects

Supporting local community sports projects

Helping through sport

The teams that have passed through Cap Sportif have always been committed to helping the community through sports-related projects.

The Cycle Tour

Chapman’s Peak – Cape Town Cycle Tour 2021

We love it or we hate it, but in any case if we go to the Cape during this event we participate!

Every year, Cap Sportif invites you to join us for the biggest cycling race in the world.

We are securing “charity” places to allow those who would not have a place to participate. Buying your place at the Cycle Tour via Cap Sportif also allows you to participate in the two training sessions organized by the group, but especially to participate in the financing of the jerseys that the association renews every year for the Busy Bees*, and to help pay their coach.
* The Busy Bees is a rugby club from Langa Township (read more)

You can also buy a Cap Sportif jersey to show off the colours of the association and of France during your tour of the peninsula.


Cape Town Cycle Tour
March 13, 2022
The 44th edition of the largest timed cycling race in the world.

Back to the 2021 edition

It was an exceptional race, the conditions were magical. Even if during this 43rd edition the COVID-19 has blocked some participations.

With the “Charity” places we were able to gather 22 people to participate in the Cycle Tour 2021.

We made a report, with testimonies, details of the race… If you want to see it CLICK HERE

Buy your “Charity” seat online

We will update this space as soon as charity places are available for the 2022 edition.

In the meantime, if you are interested in the 2022 edition, we invite you to fill out this form so that we can contact you as soon as we launch the 2022 season.

The events

Reserve your place for the e-bike event on November 13th!

Cap sur la Forme en 2021 !

Découvrez le VTT électrique “Fat Bike” avec Le Cap Sportif, Cape Town Accueil, WTS et African Eagle.

Grace à l’assistance électrique vous franchirez les côtes sans difficulté… mais il vous faudra quand même pédaler un peu !

Tarif standard : R 995

Tarif préférentiel pour les membres du Cap Sportif ou de Cape Town Accueil : R 695

Le programme comprend
– un tour de +/- 3h en VTT électrique
– la location du VTT électrique
– le coaching par WTS – The Coaching Company
– les guides African Eagle


Past events

Relive past events on video!

The Busy Bees

The association has been supporting RFC Busy Bees rugby club for many years. This club is based in Langa. It was founded in 1923 and is considered by many to be the first ‘black’ rugby club in South Africa. Today they have almost 200 young people of all ages playing.

The Cap Sportif provides financial assistance to pay the salaries of the coaches as well as regular material assistance by renewing some of the shirts that the club provides to the young players.

On their annual tour to Paarl, the French U18 team came to meet the club and the children of Siybulela School, who were able to meet the players and receive gifts. A beautiful moment of sharing and joy to relive in the video below!

Our partners

They have contributed to the sports course or to one of our charity activities and for this we thank them: