Cape Town Cycle Tour

Every year, the Cap Sportif invites you to participate in the biggest cycling race in the world.

Are you up to the challenge?

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A unique race in the world

The “Cape Town Cycle Tour” is the world’s largest bicycle race with over 35,000 participants each year. (Try this if you don’t believe it …)

Every year, both novices and the most experienced cyclists from Cap Sportif come together around this challenge.

Whether it is to do the 109km in less than 3 hours, or to try to finish the same distance no matter what under 7 hours, we invite you to register through our association in order to contribute to our charitable project at the same time.

Indeed, Le Cap Sportif buys “Charity” tickets from the Cycle Tour organization. These places allow us to raise funds to support the Busy Bees Rugby Club which takes care of more than 200 children in the heart of the township of Langa.

We have a dedicated whatsapp group for the tour cycle. Do not hesitate to join us whether or not you have taken your place yet.

Among other things, you will be kept informed of the training sessions that we organize (generally 2 sessions as the event approaches).

Cape Town Cycle Tour
March 13, 2022
The 44th edition of the largest timed cycling race in the world.

Register for 2022 !

The next edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour will take place on Sunday March 13, 2022.

Le Cap Sportif was allocated 30 charity places this year. You can register online directly below.

Do not hesitate to equip yourself with a Cap Sportif jersey or to gift the Busy bees team a new jersey.

Cycle Tour Charity 2022” Registration

Race is planned for the 13th of march 2022.

By choosing to register for the Cycle Tour via a Cap Sportif “Charity” you have:

  • Your registration for the race;
  • the possibility of participating in the coaching session organized by WTS;
  • the possibility of participating in the briefing session organized a few days before the race;
  • and you also support the Busy Bees rugby team.

From R745.00

Other products in the store

In addition to register with the Cap Sportif, you can also equip yourself with our jersey or gift a complete outfit to the Busy Bees club.

Treat yourself with a Cap Sportif Jersay

When we wear this jersey, whether we are first or last we simply do it in style !!

If you want to proudly wear the Cap Sportif colors and look like a pro, this is where it happens.


Gift an outfit to the Busy Bees

You can gift an outfit to the Busy Bees club here online.

All of what you spend online is used to purchase the team’s jerseys and shorts (the association bears the cost of online payment).


Passage of the summit of Chapman’s peak

The 2021 men’s podium at Cap Sportif with Jean-Baptiste WIROTH (2:54:29), Thomas FUSS (2:59:18) et Ross HASTIE (3:08:22)

Practice run # 2

Celebrating on Sunday evening

Back to the 2021 edition

It was an exceptional race, the conditions were magical. Even if during this 43rd edition the COVID-19 has blocked some participations.

With the “Charity” places we were able to gather 22 people to participate in the Cycle Tour 2021.

We did a report, with testimonials, details of the race … CLICK HERE to read it.